Giving Back to SERVICE Members and their families

Medical and Financial Assistance

VA Aid & Attendance Benefit

Who we are

Veterans Advocacy Associates (VAA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating out of Murrieta, CA, and extending its services to veterans throughout the United States. Our team, a diverse coalition of committed citizens, business leaders, and veterans, works tirelessly to ensure our heroes receive the resources they rightfully deserve.

Our Purpose

VAA is dedicated to assisting elderly veterans and their spouses in managing the long-term expenses related to aging. Our core belief is that no veteran should ever be forced to choose between receiving quality care and affording basic necessities like food.

Depending on your situation, you can qualify for a maximum benefit of up to:

Surviving Spouse

Single Veteran

Married Veteran

Veteran Couple


$1,478/ Month

$2,300/ Month

$2,727/ Month

$3,649/ Month


$17,743/ Year

$27,609/ Year

$32,729/ Year

$43,791/ Year


Mission Statement

To be a cornerstone for aging veterans and their families by

Helping Veterans, One at a Time

Our Vision

At VAA, our mission is to serve as a vital resource for aging veterans and their families across the country. We are committed to helping to alleviate the financial burdens frequently associated with aging. We hold the conviction that every veteran deserves to age with dignity and respect. Having defended our freedoms, it is now our privilege and responsibility to advocate and care for them.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are indispensable to us; without their support, the programs and initiatives that benefit our veteran community would not be feasible. It is only through collective effort that we can achieve the most significant impact.

We are continuously seeking sponsors to support our cause. Daily, we field calls from veterans seeking assistance with financial matters, employment opportunities, and physical and mental health concerns.

Call to Action

You can support Veteran Advocacy Associates by volunteering your time or making a donation. If you have any inquiries about our veteran support programs, please don't hesitate to send us a message.