Veteran Aid

Financial Aid for Senior Veterans

After your service, you deserve the best that life can offer. Unfortunately, many veterans struggle and live at or below the property line. Veterans Advocacy Associates is dedicated to providing veteran aid so that all veterans and their families can have the support they need.

What We Do

Veterans Advocacy Associates helps all veterans have the financial support they need, specifically for long-term care needs. We do this by helping you apply for and receive veteran aid benefits. The benefits range in price based on circumstances, income, and situation. For example, our benefits can help:

  • Surviving spouses: If your spouse was a veteran and has passed away, then you can often qualify for benefits. Currently, surviving spouses can earn up to $1,228 a month or $14,736 a year.
  • Single veterans: If you’re a veteran who has never married, you can still get qualifying veteran benefits. Single veterans can earn up to $1,911 a month or $22,932 a year.
  • Married veterans: Do you have a spouse or family? Then you can earn up to $2266 a month or $27,192 a year.
  • Veteran couples: If both spouses are veterans, they often get the most benefits. They can get benefits of up to $3,032 a month or $36,384 a year.

Whatever your situation, we encourage you to apply today. You deserve everything you’re entitled to for your long-term living needs.

Who We Are

Since 2015, we have functioned as a non-profit. We are not associated with any government agency. Our goal is to get veterans affordable and easily qualified-for benefits. We offer a convenient streamlined process to apply, and we don’t charge any fees. Best of all, we have a 99% approval rating! While the application process can take a few months to approve, we are glad to help most veterans who ask for our services.

If you’re ready to see if you qualify for veteran aid benefits, learn about our prequalification requirements, and call us at (951) 296-6755 if you have questions.