About Us

Veteran Advocacy Associates Humble Beginnings

In 2006, Richard Olson, our founder

Met and helped an elderly couple apply for a little-known VA benefit called Aid and Attendance. After researching and gathering documents, the couple’s application was approved. They began receiving a monthly check from the VA, which changed the couple’s financial future.

Richard was happy to help

and soon went back to his daily routine. However, a few weeks later, he began getting calls from other wartime veterans asking for help. This inspired them to start a nonprofit in 2016. From then on, Veteran Advocacy Associates has assisted thousands of senior veterans with resources they did not know existed.

How We Continue to Honor Wartime Veterans

Our team helps them navigate the VA landscape to find benefits so veterans and their surviving spouses are able to pay for daily expenses. We strive to help wartime veterans in the most professional and gentle manner.

Evaluation and Application Process

We work with families one on one to complete the application, submit it, and follow up with all VA correspondence until we secure the benefit for the claimant.

Our senior community partners have confidence that we will evaluate every case to determine if the claimant is a good candidate. We, in turn, are grateful for the opportunity to provide this much-needed service to our friends and neighbors throughout Southern California and beyond.

Help Senior Veterans Receive Proper Care

From deployment to their return to civilian life, our senior wartime veterans have always put our country first. As they retire, it is our duty to make sure they receive proper care by assisting them in securing their Aid and Assistance benefits.

Our Mission

At Veteran Advocacy Associates in Murietta, CA, we have made it our mission to improve the living conditions of our country’s senior veterans. A simple way to do this is to make sure they get the medical and financial assistance they need with convenience. Our community of concerned citizens strives to help veterans secure their benefits so that they no longer need to worry about the complexities of the claiming process.

Improving the Living Conditions for Veterans

We value the service and sacrifice our veterans have made. As civilians, we give back by locating resources, services, and programs for senior veterans to reduce the financial impact on their entire family.

Additionally, we serve as a resource center to help those who are having difficulties processing their pension and other post-deployment benefits. In doing so, our organization helps them live out their life with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Making a Better Future for Veterans

Our dedicated volunteers are knowledgeable about the resources available from the government and community that are meant to help veterans in their time of need. However, many retired soldiers are unaware or unable to obtain the benefits they have earned. Our goal is to match veterans and their families with services that would be of value to them.


We, just like our veterans, have invested time, energy, and money to help these veterans in their time of need. Our organization has spent more than 10 years researching and educating our community on various veteran assistance programs and services. In this way, we hope to provide more veterans and their families with a better future.

If you would like to do your part to repay our brave heroes, join our cause. Contribute to our organization today and help us serve military veterans who are disabled, wounded, homeless, or unemployed.

If you want to volunteer or inquire about our donation process, give us a call or send us an email.