About Us

Veteran Advocacy Associates Humble Beginnings

Caring for aging parents

Founded in 2006 to champion veterans' welfare, our story started at a senior expo, where our founder met a couple overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their aging parents amidst their own busy lives with three children and careers. The encounter, marked by financial and emotional hardship, underscored a profound need for specialized support, sparking the creation of our organization to address such critical gaps for families in distress.

Help was found

Months of persistent research led to a breakthrough when our founder unearthed a little-known benefit, that turned out to be a lifeline for a family in dire need. This discovery provided them with crucial funding to hire a caregiver, lightening the heavy load of home care for their elderly parents. Moved by the profound impact of this support, Veterans Advocacy Associates was born, committed to navigating veterans and their families to transformative assistance with deep compassion.

How We Honor Veterans

Our team is dedicated to reducing the confusion and uncertainty when applying for VA benefits, ensuring veterans and their surviving spouses receive the support they deserve. We offer our expertise with deep compassion and professionalism, focusing on the unique needs of wartime veterans and their families with empathy and understanding.

Personalized process

We offer heartfelt, personalized assistance to families, guiding them through every stage of the application process and beyond. From gathering information and preparing claims to deciphering VA correspondences and ensuring timely updates are communicated after approval, we stand by each family, committed to navigating these challenges together.

Our duty

From the moment of deployment to their transition back to civilian life, our senior wartime veterans have selflessly prioritized our nation's needs. As they enter retirement, it is our solemn duty to ensure they are well cared for by helping them secure the benefits necessary to live with dignity.

Our Mission

At Veteran Advocacy Associates in Murrieta, CA, our mission is to enhance the lives of America's senior veterans. We focus on simplifying access to the medical and financial support they require. Our dedicated community of compassionate individuals works tirelessly to ensure veterans can easily secure their benefits, freeing them from the burdens of navigating the claims process.

Improving veterans lives

We deeply honor the service and sacrifices of our veterans. In gratitude, we dedicate ourselves to identifying resources, services, and programs that alleviate the financial strain on senior veterans and their families.

Moreover, we function as a support hub, aiding those struggling with the complexities of post-deployment benefits. Our efforts ensure veterans can enjoy their lives with the dignity and respect they've rightfully earned.

Making a Better Future

Our committed members possess in-depth knowledge of government and community resources designed to support veterans during challenging times. Yet, many retired service members remain either uninformed about or unable to access the benefits they deserve. We aim to bridge this gap by connecting veterans and their families with valuable services tailored to their needs.


For over 17 years, our organization has been committed to informing our community about the array of assistance programs and services available to veterans. Through these efforts, we strive to secure a brighter future for more veterans and their families.

Help make a difference

If you're eager to honor our courageous heroes, we invite you to support our cause with a tax-deductible contribution. By donating to our organization, you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of military veterans grappling with disabilities, injuries, homelessness, or unemployment.

Interested in volunteering or wish to learn more about our donation process? Please contact us via phone or email. Your involvement and tax-deductible donations are crucial in helping us sustain our mission to serve those who have served.