Become a Sponsor and Support Our Veterans

The Problem

Less than 30% of eligible veterans know there are benefits available to them and even less know how to apply for them. These veterans are living paycheck-to-paycheck on limited resources (ex: social security). They need help financially & with daily living needs (ex: help with cooking, companionship, etc.)

What We Believe

We believe that every veteran has earned the right to live with dignity in their age by accessing all available community resources. No veteran should ever have to decide between quality care and if/where their next meal is coming from.

What We're Doing

We conduct community outreach initiatives in partnership with assisted living facilities, senior centers, medical centers & others to identify at-risk veterans & immediately alert them to benefits they might be eligible for. We walk with them from start to finish on how to access all of these benefits.

Why Sponsor a Veteran?

It costs about $1,000 to support a veteran and/or surviving spouse. Through your sponsorship, we're able to secure on average $25,000 worth of tax-free benefits per veteran per year. Your support can literally help change the course of a veteran's future.

How You Can Help

For $83/month, you can sponsor 1 veteran for 1 year. Every gift is appreciated!